Rain, Rain and More Rain! The life of a farmer!

Week 2 on the farm down! Still have all my limbs intact and still loving it!

I started the week off with a pretty bad cold, but didn’t think much of it while working. I did go through about 3 rolls of toilet paper throughout the week, but the only time it really bothered me was Tuesday when we had to clean a whole bunch (and I mean a WHOLE bunch) of bins at the end of the day. There we were, Chloe and I, both covered head to toe in rain gear, out in the cold rain, cleaning bin after bin with cold water. I was scrubbing like Cinderella and Chloe was trying to avoid backsplash from hosing down the bins. All the while, my nose is leaking and there’s not much I can do about it except let the rain wash it away. We couldn’t help but laugh and each took a nice hot shower at the end of the night.

We did spend a part of 2 more days washing the bins, but at least then it wasn’t raining. (We still have some bins left to wash, ugh). We actually spent most of the rainy week safe and warm in the greenhouse seeding what was left to be seeded. And that  included (but was not limited to) the cucumber, melon and squash family, which are now germinating and we are SO happy. It’s really cool! They have bigger seeds then most, and you have to put them in with a specific end facing up. The roots sprout from the bottom end and it pushes the seed up and out of the ground/earth. So at the moment the plants are all emerging from the soil, you can see the leaves but the seed is still sitting on top of the 2 leaves, holding them together, and the seeds will simply fall off once they are ready (as long as it is moist enough).

We all ate dinner together on Tuesday and Wednesday night. The first night we made homemade pizzas and topped them with fresh spinach and kale, yum yum! And the second night Daizy made burgers, with grass fed beef from the neighbours. She actually put sun dried tomatoes in the burgers! Awesome idea! Chloe made some kale pesto and I fried up some mushrooms. Needless to say, the burgers were delish.

By the end of the week my nose was clearing up. Lucky me I was able to enjoy the farm/fertilizer smell. But no sooner had I gotten over my cold, than the allergies started to kick in. I probably sneezed 20 times in a row on Saturday and spent the day rubbing my eyes. Oh the joy of spring. But Saturday was finally sunny and nothing could have ruined it. We finished off the week potting up tomatoes, basil and cilantro. The cilantro smells SO good!

Before I sign off, I thought I’d bring up a topic for discussion. Chloe and I had been talking about it earlier in the week. What is better: organic food from far away, or non organic local food? Its definitely not environmentally friendly to be transporting food from far away, but producing food organically can be better than conventional methods. And if consumers were to support organic (even from far away) it could influence our local growers to grow organic as well. I don’t think there is a clear answer, but it would be interesting to see what everyone thinks. so if you have any thoughts on the matter please feel free to comment below!



One thought on “Rain, Rain and More Rain! The life of a farmer!

  1. Of course I would prefere to have all local all the time but there are all those that we cannot produce in our climate. I have not so far seen any organic produce such as oranges, pineapple.etc… I would also prefere all Canadian produce but ……!

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