Lice and Mites…just wonderful!

So remember how we got chickens and a rooster in my last post. Well unfortunately, it seems the rooster introduced lice to the group and even has leg mites, sucking out all of his blood, poor guy. He’s not mounting any hens and doesn’t seem to be doing very well. That, and the chickens are all pecking at themselves and shaking due to the lice. Chloe read up on it, and figured out that the problem is most likely lice and mites.

And so at the end of last week, Chloe, Rebecca and I crept into the chicken coop after dark to rub vaseline on Farley’s legs to at least appease him until Chloe could treat him and the chickens properly on the weekend, dousing them in a mix of sulfur and diatomaceous earth to get rid of the lice. She also soaked Farley’s legs in warm water and scrubbed at them with a toothbrush to help rid him of the leg mites.

It’s only the beginning of the week but the treatment seems to have worked! The hens are quacking like crazy, and Farley even mounted one of them! They are also becoming very comfortable with Chloe and even the rest of us, approaching us when we walk in instead of running away. We are very happy that they seem to be doing better.
Although we were worrying about the chickens last week, we did have 2 beautiful days, with the temperatures hovering around 30 degrees 2 days in a row! It was amazing, and Rebecca gave herself a pretty good sunburn, poor thing. Needless to say, our farmer tans are looking pretty good.

At the beginning of the week we totally cleaned out all the kale and spinach left in the greenhouse. It was becoming unruly, growing up through the tables, and those which were growing on the side were simply getting trampled on as we moved between the tables. So we harvested everything that was still good and pulled up all the stalks from the ground and have been feeding them to the chickens. So there’s no need to worry about an iron deficiency in the chickens.

The kale and spinach are stored in the cold room but I believe we waited too long to sort through it all. We have made a bunch of spinach and kale pesto, and I’ve thrown a bit of both into the freezer, but we only recently did this and so much of it has now wilted or turned yellow. Lucky chickens! Oh ya, here is a fun/disturbing fact: if and when chickens become bored/very hungry they will/can resort to cannibalism as entertainment/food. Gross little things aren’t they? Hopefully we have no cannibalism in our group!

Last week we also began to transplant. And so we each took turns sitting on the back of the tractor about a foot off the ground trying to quickly drop our transplants into holes created by the tractor. It was like playing a video game, pretty fun. The others followed behind on their hands and knees tucking the transplants neatly into the holes. But the funnest (this isnt really a word, it should be most fun, but funnest sounds funner (more fun) so too bad) thing about that day was learning how to drive the 4 wheeler and the tractor! The 4 wheeler however is a toughy because at the moment the electric start doesn’t work and so you have to start it manually with your foot. Seeing as I don’t have much weight to use, it took me awhile to figure out a technique and get it going, but I did succeed in the end. Victory for me, yay!

As for the rest of the week, it became rainy again on Friday and Saturday, and from what I can remember (because my memory is horrible) we spent most of the time in the greenhouse seeding a few more things.

Oh yes, another awesome thing about last week; the Habs won game 7 against Boston! Woot Woot! Daizy and Johnny were nice enough to set up the bunny ears for me so we could watch the game. No wonder Montrealers are considered to be crazy hockey people, I’m pretty sure everyone here thinks I’m crazy about hockey. I do like hockey of course, but there’s a lot of people back home who are much bigger fans than I. They don’t even know the half of it!

And so I will end the blog on that good note. May the Canadiens have better luck/performances in the next games against the Rangers, but no matter how this series ends, I can still say we beat Boston!

This week has started off on a great note. We had a beautiful day, but that also meant spending the whole day hoeing! So I must say I am beat. We are up early tomorrow morning to harvest greens and hope to do some more transplanting.

Hope you all had a wondeful weekend and I wish you a wonderful week as well. Till next time!


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