Ice Cream and Beer!

I could have entitled this post “Hoeing, Hoeing and More Hoeing” but I thought the above was more exciting.

So we hoed a lot last week. And I have learned that it is probably one of my least favorite things to do, especially with clay soil like ours. What I am taking away from all this hoeing is that it is important to prevent the weeds from growing as  much as possible if you want to avoid back breaking-hand blistering hoeing all summer long. There will always be some hoeing to do but my goal will be to reduce the amount of hoeing as much as possible.

We didn’t just hoe all week though, thank God! We also did a lot of transplanting. We got all of our onions, leeks and shallots into the ground as well as our brassicas.

Basically last week, we hoed and transplanted, transplanted and hoed. And that’s pretty much what the next couple of months will look like as well. In about a month, I’ll be able to add harvesting to that cycle.

So what other exciting things can I talk to you about? Well how about food! I always love talking about food!

I made a pretty awesome German red cabbage soup that lasted me all week long. I also whipped up some homemade hummus and used the kale and spinach we had harvested to make pesto. They all turned out delish. And I will eventually edit this post so that you will be able to click on “hummus” and “red cabbage soup” and it will bring you to the recipe, but at the moment I am simply being lazy.

We also went for ice cream/gelato last week at this little place in Casselman owned by a Belgian woman. She has Ferrero Rocher ice cream, banana ice cream, watermelon sorbet and a whole bunch of other delicious flavours. It was awesome. Daizy treated us to it on Saturday afternoon. We also made a pit stop at the Casselman Brewery, where you can purchase large jugs of beer. I bought a Honey Brown Ale to bring home to my dad, but unfortunately I believe it was stolen by a bum on Crescent Street in Montreal (long story).

And on Saturday night, before heading home to Montreal with Chloé, we stopped in at  a housewarming party which had a buffet spread of food! Yum Yum! It included sweet and savoury crepes, mushroom soup, chicken curry, guacamole and 2 dessert cakes! It was an awesome meal after a long week.

So that was our week, but I’ll give you a Farley update before I sign off. Farley was doing better. But he seems to be lacking in energy again. You don’t call a vet every time an animal gets sick on a farm, and so we are simply doing our best to help him out, but not sure what the future holds. Hopefully he gets better, but I think Chloé has begun to consider the possibility of Farley Soup…

And with that I shall end this post. I’m pretty beat after another day of…you guessed it: hoeing! So I am off to bed. Hope everyone has a good week. And if ever you get fed up of being at work just think about me hoeing all day long, it might make you feel better. 🙂


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