This is now my 6th blog! Which means I am presently in week 7 and have been here for almost two months. And still, every day I wake up and I am happy I made the decision to come work on an organic farm.

But before I get into why I am loving what I do, I will recap the last week. It won’t take long. I’m sure you can guess what we did. That’s right, hoed and transplanted! I would like to make clear though, that hoeing is not weeding. We are not just on our hands and knees all the time picking weeds with our hands. You hoe in order to cultivate, to loosen up the soil so that it aerates and to get to the weeds while they are small, which helps to eliminate some of the weeding later on.

We also placed 3 row covers (which cover 8 beds each), one of which kept blowing off. But alas, the 3rd time is always a charm (or was it 4? it may very well have taken 4 tries). And we transplanted our cucurbits and had hoped to transplant the tomatoes, eggplants and peppers because by now most of our veggies should be in the ground, but they weren’t big enough yet. And so, being unable to transplant the rest of the veggies, I asked for Friday off so I could see my cousin Sabrina graduate from McGill and I had already asked for Saturday off because it was the famous Bat2BeatCancer Softball Tournament in Deux-Montagnes.

My boyfriend and many of his cousins/close friends of the family have been participating in the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer for 3 summers now. They ride for their aunts. But in order to participate, each participant needs to raise 2,500$ and so they hold the baseball tournament to help raise funds. It was a success as usual, it’s always lots of fun, and if you haven’t heard of it before I would suggest checking out the website:

Also, if you know any of the participants (James Rochon, Justin Rochon, Derek White, Serita White, Shane White, Leonard Guarda and Josee Moreton), you can donate to them personally through the website. (All donations over $10 will receive a tax receipt)

We had a wonderful weekend in the sun, but it was quite busy, and as much work as I do here on the farm it can almost be more relaxing than running home every weekend to visit everyone.

Being outside, despite the hard work, is so calming. I start by mornings by waking up to pee (I always pee first thing in the morning) but peeing, means getting out of the trailer and walking 50 ft to the house, and thus the fresh air wakes me up almost instantaneously. After my relieving pee, I do a few morning stretches outside of the trailer on my yoga mat and then go for a walk into the fields. Once I am in the fields, no one can see me from the house or from the trailer and I feel all alone. Those are my moments of solitude, and I treasure them so much. In those moments I either dance to music on my ipod to loosen up, or I simply sit/lay on the ground and watch the sun rise, the clouds move and the trees sway. It is absolutely amazing. In these moments I am completely happy and at peace.

Then I work hard throughout the day, and do the same thing at night to wind down. It’s wonderful. I really feel so lucky to be where I am right now. And it has helped me realize how important nature is to us. I believe that everyone would enjoy a daily dose of outdoors, and the more you can get, the better. It is definitely influencing the future I see for myself.

I am actually writing this blog while I sit outside my trailer, after having finished my dinner of freshly picked lettuce from the greenhouse and my yummy carrot/ginger soup which I made ahead of time. Accompanied of course by a glass of organic wine.

And now I must go collect my laundry from the house and possibly take a stroll while the sun is still up. I wish you all a lovely week. And will be back with more info next week. (I forgot my camera cord once again, doh! and so no pics yet, so sorry). Hopefully, my writings are entertaining enough.

Sweet Dreams!


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