Brewers Market!

Do I ever have a lot to write about this week!

But first, I feel obliged to mention that I am writing this blog while watching episode 2 of Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Wand family where are you???) in the trailer with Rebecca. So who knows how long this will take. Rebecca has also begun the process of giving herself dreads, which I have never seen done before, so hopefully I won’t be too distracted and will be able to get through this blog.

This week went by pretty quick. Tuesday was grey and we spent the day in the greenhouse seeding and thinning. It was nice and relaxing, which was great because I was pretty pooped from the weekend at home at the Bat2BeatCancer softball tournament. Never mind I’ve been coming home pretty much every weekend since I started here and it can actually be quite taxing. As happy as I am to come home, I’m also running around trying to see everyone. So although we did have a busy weekend here, it was nice to stay here for once.

My week runs from Tuesday to Saturday and the Brewers Market has now begun, which is on Sundays. One of us will be going to the market with Johnny every week from now on, meaning we will be working one out of every 3 Sundays. I got to go this weekend and it was tons of fun! I love interacting with people and it’s great to see so many stands at the market as well as so many people coming. The brewers market is a producer only market, meaning that every stand there has made their own produce. There are no middlemen at this market, unlike the Atwater or Jean Talon Market where a lot of stands are middlemen and that is why they are able to be their all the time.

But anywho! The market was a blast, even though I was up at 5AM in the morning. We were there by 7 to set up and the market runs from 8AM-3PM. So we start setting up and then Michael the Jam guy ( shows up and I got some Strawberry Balsamic Jam from him (he also gave me some Siracha jam and Raspberry Chocolate jam at the end of the day) AND ArtIsIn showed up; a pretty well known bakery in Ottawa. They started unloading their truck and I couldn’t help but buy a Honey Oat Bread from them as well as a Raspberry Pastry because it smelled so good! Then there’s Joseph in front of us who sells Lamb, Pork and Mutton meat as well a bunch of different cheeses made from sheep and bison milk. And those are just 3 stands! There are about 120! AND then there are food vendors too! I tell you, I am in heaven at the market! I can see how it would be easy to spend my whole weeks pay check there. Thank God I only go once every 3 weeks. Plus we sold out of radishes, garlic and arugula! We had a bunch of mixed lettuce left over but that’s because we overharvested a bit, and we still had a bunch of the seedlings (tomatoes and peppers) that we brought but we can easily bring those back to the market next week. So it was a great day to say the least!

And today (Monday) we went on a farm tour with a bunch of other interns from other farms. We got to visit Amber’s farm; Amber of Arc Acres ( She has free range cattle, pigs, chickens, bees, maple syrup, mushrooms (which require very little work after the initial setup and makes me excited because I love mushrooms) and a veggie garden as well. She, as well as the other worker and interns live in cabins/trailers that she has made herself (they have a sawmill on the farm and a bunch of woods) but she didn’t need to get permits for them because they are all portable in some way. It was really great to get to see another farm and different farming methods, plus we got to meet a bunch of different people. And to top it all off, at the end of the day we had a potluck, yay!

So yes, it was a very good week. We transplanted our lettuce and bok choy, and we brought out a lot of our seedlings to ‘harden up’, so our greenhouse is getting pretty empty, it’s crazy!

Speaking of crazy actually, our chickens are hilarious! You should see them come running out of the coop when they hear us coming because they are so excited to get food (our compost). They don’t seem to be fond of citrus but they went crazy over beets and some steak. Chloe actually found one of them the other day outside of the fence (she escaped somehow) but she promptly ran right back into the coop when Chloe opened the door for her. She wanted freedom, but once free, didn’t know what to do with herself and ran right back to captivity which can be less frightening. We then had a really interesting conversation about how many of us do the same but I won’t get into that here. And Farley is still alive and well. We have come to the conclusion that he is simply not your “normal” rooster. But we love him all the same.

Success! Funny enough, I am finishing this blog just as the Buffy episode comes to an end. Which reminds me that I heard the coyotes the other night when I woke up at 2AM because I had to pee. But after hearing the coyotes, there was no way I was getting out of bed to walk to the house. No way Jose! So I held it in and ran to the house in the morning.

Well that’s all folks! Hope everyone has a wonderful week. Till next time!


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