Scotch please!

So after working in the rain for most of the week last week, I have realized that having a bottle of Whisky would be a good idea. The first day of rain we worked from 130PM to about 530PM in the rain and mud planting peppers, eggplants and sweet potatoes. It was at the end of the day that I realized how nice a shot of whisky would be at that point. Just something to warm up the joints a little bit and reward oneself for a hard day’s work.

I had been wearing my Helly Hansen raincoat which not only has a defective hood that doesn’t cover my head but neither is it 100% water proof. And so I was (as we all were) soaked to the bones. Plus my yellow rain suspenders which I had gotten as part of a 20$ bargain had ripped as I was planting and by the end of the week had ripped all the way past my bum. Therefore I am travelling back to Casselman on the Via Rail today with a new rain coat and pants. It’s not working in the rain that sucks, it can actually be quite nice, it’s lacking the proper attire that is no fun.

Poor Rebecca actually came down with a pretty bad cold by the end of the week and so took most of the day off on Friday so that she would be rested for the market on Saturday. Johnny’s mom normally goes to the market on Saturdays but she had friends in from Europe and so Rebecca went with Johnny this week. Therefore it was just Chloe and I on Saturday making 20 pound row bags and placing hoops so that we could cover up what we had recently planted. At this point we are basically only left with some more Lettuce and Swiss Chard to plant. The greenhouse is quite empty. We also spent the day cleaning bins, as we had done at the beginning of the season, but this time in much warmer weather. And we made our way out to the field to harvest the garlic scapes, which is/would eventually become, the flower of the garlic, edible and delicious. It is necessary to harvest these so that the plant uses its energy to produce the garlic bulb and not the flower.

So despite the rain this week we got a lot done. Including the planting of more cucurbits and sweet potatoes as well! Not only were we planting in the field, but we have also been planting around our trailers. We had planted extra in the greenhouse to provide a buffer in case things don’t grow well. We are only planting so much in the fields and so we have a lot of left over seedlings, of which we are trying to save as many as we can. We’ve taken old tires from cleaning out the chicken coop and filled them with dirt and have collected pots from all over the place. At the moment we have planted some tomatoes, herbs (cilantro, parsley and basil), cucumbers, pumpkins, and peppers around the trailer. Fingers crossed they all survive. We hope to continue planting more as well.

So that was the week. A few more tidbits of information would include:

Daizy made pork enchiladas this week! They were delicious. And she also made a blueberry Rhubarb pie. It was soo good. I made some Tom Yum soup with a pre-done paste that was pretty good. Obviously not as good as making it home made, but it got the job done. To it I added cabbage, mushrooms, a broccoli stalk and some chopped up tomato.

Molly (the dog) got a haircut. She has beautiful long black hair but had recently been sprayed by a skunk and had been covered in mats. She looks and smells so much better. She must also feel so much better.

And Ayla (baby) is getting really good at saying my name. She calls Chloe “Coco” and Rebecca “Becca” and had been calling me “Sa” but is now clearly saying “Sara”. She is so cute, I love her.

Farley (the rooster) is no longer sleeping with the chickens. They used to gather around him at night. He seems to be a bit of a loner. We should nickname him the Lone Ranger.

Chloe was the one to go to the Market on Sunday. So will get info from her on how that went.

And I had red wine on the Via rail on my trip home on Saturday night. Definitely wasn’t the best red wine but was much appreciated after a week of work in the rain. (I would recommend the white wine instead, just had a juice box of it on my trip back)

And that ends blog #8! Which means I am now entering my third month on Luxy Farm! Time flies, but I am happy that I am making some awesome memories and learning a whole bunch. I’ve read “The Market Gardener” by Jean Martin Fortier and am almost done Elliot Coleman’s “The New Organic Grower”. They are both a great read and have tons of pertinent information. I would recommend them to anyone interested in understanding the lifestyle and work involved in small scale organic gardening.

As always, hoping you all have a wonderful week. And hoping we don’t get as much rain!


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