Sleepy Sara

Okay everyone, this week’s update is going to be a short one. It’s 8:20PM, I’m tired and I’ve got a long day tomorrow (12hrs+).

Wednesday’s are going to be long days from now on because they are CSA (community supported agriculture) pick up days. That means we start harvesting at 7AM so that we can have everything harvested, washed and bagged and ready to go by 4PM. Some people come pick up their CSA boxes/shares at the farm but there are also two other pick-up points between 5PM and 7PM. I’m going to be at one of the pickup points tomorrow. Therefore I showered tonight, so as to be presentable tomorrow. Although I could probably just shower tomorrow as well, they are calling for more rain. Wonderful.

And what did we do last week? Well I forget what we did in the middle of the week, but we started it and ended it the same way. The first and last day are actually very similar when I think about it. On Tuesday last week we started weeding the spinach. I basically spent all day weeding spinach and only got through one row! Not even one whole bed, only one row in a bed! It’s so discouraging when you work so hard and yet you have barely anything to show for it. And we ended the week on Saturday hoeing the herbs. Three of us, spent 8 hrs (almost) and only got through 2 beds of herbs. The weeding list is so long and we only got through 2 beds. So frustrating. Needless to say, we were all in need of a drink by the end of the day. I was so happy to have my friend come pick me up and head up to my cottage for the weekend. It was a wonderful relaxing weekend and I plan to do a soil test up there to see if I can possibly plant some things up there next year.

My friend, Tina laughed at us/was in disbelief when she first showed up because we were just finishing the herbs, and therefore we were using forks. We do not hoe with forks. We do have hand tools, but when it gets down to the end and we need to get rid of the little tiny weeds around the plants we use forks. And we’ve had to do this a lot lately because our transplants are all very small and so it is necessary to get rid of even the smallest weeds. Why are our transplants small you may ask? Well unfortunately, we have realized that the soil we have been using for seeding is really not the greatest. It is was too dense and heavy and quite possibly too nutritious. Which explains all of the troubles we have been having with germination and growth of seedlings. But what is done is done and life goes on. We now have some new potting soil and it looks so much nicer. Hooray!

I have now finished the Elliot Coleman book and look forward to reading up on permaculture. I want to take so many notes and I have so many ideas whizzing around inside my head. I will write more about them next week when I am more awake.

Oh yes, I hope everyone enjoyed their day off today. Bonne Saint Jean Baptiste!

Good night!


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