Potato Beetles!

This past week passed by really fast. Now that we are harvesting for CSA on Wednesdays I have a feeling that the weeks are going to fly by. Hoe Tuesday, harvest Wednesday, hoe Thursday, harvest Friday and hoe Saturday. We break up Tuesdays hoeing with washing bins so that they can be used throughout the week. And even on Thursdays and Saturdays we sometimes need to attend to other things.

For example, this Thursday we had to smush potato beetles all day. We have rows upon rows of potatoes and we had to thoroughly inspect each plant for adult beetles, teens and eggs (which are found on the underside of the leaves). The adults remind me of beetle juice, they are shaped like extra large ladybugs but have white and black stripes on their back. Instead of smushing them, we actually placed them in water buckets so that we could feed them to the chickens afterwards. (Their fate stays the same, but at least their bodies aren’t going to waste.) The teens have a transparent shell and are all red. You had to be careful when smushing them so as not to get red beetle guts on your face. The eggs are bright yellow and orange, which thankfully makes them a bit easier to find in comparison to if they were green, but sometimes they would be hidden under the smallest leaves on the smallest plants, so you really had to be careful to check everywhere.

By the end of the day I felt like mafia woman, with blood stained heads. It was a massacre. But alas, if we hadn’t killed them, they would have devoured our potatoes. Such is the life of an organic farmer. And so there is your explanation for why organic is more expensive than conventional. We don’ rely on insecticides and chemicals to get rid of weeds and pests, we take care of it ourselves, one plant at a time. (haha, I just reread that sentence, LOVE it! sounds like a slogan)

Oh! and this week we started harvesting our snap peas and swiss chard! The snap peas are so delicious, it was very difficult to not eat our harvest. And the swiss chard is so pretty. You can use swiss chard to make pesto (garlic scape and swiss chard pesto) or you can throw it in soups or stews. However there are so many leafy greens that you can do such things with, and I prefer the taste of say kale and spinach and so I wouldn’t grow swiss chard for the taste per say. But I would grow it because it is so gosh darn pretty. Depending on the variety the stems can be white, yellow, red or even striped like a candy cane (pink and white). It looks so good in the field. I think I’d grow it just to make the garden look pretty.

And I was the one who went to market this week. Last time I brought a bunch of food with me so as to save money. But then I got there and there was just so much good food around. So this week I simply made myself the usual morning smoothie (seeing as we were up at 515AM) to give myself a kick start to the day but indulged myself at the market for the rest of the day. I had a raisin scone from ArtIsIn (http://www.artisinbakery.com/) and then a veggie crepe (with pesto, egg, tomato and cheese) for breakfast. We cooled off with a nice popsicle from Icicool (http://www.karumba.ca/icicools.html). I had strawberry basil and Daizy had grapefruit mint. Delish. And for lunch I had some yummy Pad Thai from Sawadee, a food vendor, and an Apple Ginger Iced Tea from another. The market ends at 3PM and so around 230 I started walking around to see who was interested in trading. I got the girls and I some feta cheese from Joseph, some Brazilian Coffee from PapaBean (http://poppabean.ca/) and 3 mini pies (sugar/pecan, blueberry and cherry) form Savoury Pursuits (http://www.savourypursuits.com/). I also bought a jug of apple cider and a large basil plant so that I could make a stir fry tonight for Johnny and Daizy and some yummy pesto for the week.

I was surrounded by food all day. Therefore it was an awesome day. I realized earlier in the week my 3 passions: 1) eating food, 2) cooking food, and 3) growing food. So i’m thinking i’m on the right track.

I was pooped though by the end of the day on Sunday and spent the evening chilling out in the trailer. I added some hot sauce and bok choy to my left over Pad Thai, opened my bottle of organic wine (Fuzion make ones) and watched episode after episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, because I have fallen back into my old addiction. I can’t get enough of Angel. Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

But you don’t need to hear about that. I’m sure you’d much rather hear about the Coconut korma curry that I made. It was delish. I had some korma paste (Thank You Terry White) so I warmed that up in a soup pot with some extra garlic and ginger. Threw in some green onions and then added a can of coconut milk and an equal amount of water. Then I threw in the few veggies that I had (broccoli, potatoes and raisins) and let it come to a boil. Then it simmered until the potatoes were cooked through and it had thickened up a bit. It was awesome. It’s definitely going in my recipe book. And on Friday night the girls and I had dinner together. My lovely father had sent me back this week with some fresh caught bass from his fishing trip! So I patted it dry, covered it in flour, then egg and then tossed it in a bread crumb seasoning and pan fried it in oil on each side for 2 min. Fresh fish is so much better than store bought fish. Um Um good!

So I realize that most of this post is about food. Hope you enjoyed anyway and hope I haven’t made you too hungry.
Till next time!

PS: autocorrect is telling me that “smush” isn’t a word. I figured. I should be using “squish” but I like “smush” more, so it stays.


One thought on “Potato Beetles!

  1. OK…so you ARE making me hungry with all these entries. You’ll never make any money farming with the way you eat! ha ha.
    We do want SOME PICTURES to add some additional flavour to your great writing. We have become a visual society my darling daughter!

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