From staking vampires to staking tomatoes!

Blog #13 I believe!!! Crazy!

Okay, so normally I try to keep track of what we do all week so that when it comes to blogging by the end of the week I can easily recall what we did. This week I made no such list so I will have to rely on my trusty old noggin. Let me see…

Well you all should know by now that on Wednesdays and Fridays we harvest. Wednesday is CSA day, start at 7AM, get everything done by 3PM, head out to drop off points (I went this week) and finish the day around 7/730. Friday we also start at 7AM and do a whole bunch of harvesting for the markets. This Friday we got everything done pretty early. Johnny and Daizy both had family in town and so we finished early which was very nice and much appreciated!

Rebecca was off Saturday and so it was just Chloe and I in the field. We started off the day sowing some more bok choy! Yay! I love bok choy so much. We had it for a week or two already but it is a cooler weather crop and so we won’t have it again until later on in the season. Then we transplanted the last batch of the cucumbers and melons. They should last most of the summer. This coming week will be the first week we give out cucumbers in the CSA! And then we hoed a bed of beets.

Beets are another veggie which I have discovered this year, along with kale. The only beets we ever have at home are pickled beets with our curry. And pickled beets are delicious but so are roasted beets, and boiled beets. You can eat beets all alone with just a touch of salt, or as a beet salad with goat cheese, or roasted with other veg. AND you can use the beet juice/water (if you boil them) when making rice or quinoa to give it a beautiful purple color. (I am writing all this with much excitement!)

Last but not least we began to weed the carrots…once again…because they still aren’t all done. We shall finish them this week on Thursday though! It will be done! We also finished off the day harvesting some more veg so that we would have enough for Sundays market which both Chloe and I went to. Like I said, Johnny and Daizy had family in from Toronto, and so I went with Chloe to the market.

We had a great day at the market. I got the most amazing chocolate almond croissant from ArtIsIn. So good. My mission is to try all of their pastries by the end of the summer. I’ve already had their raisin scone and raspberry scone, which are both delish. For lunch I had a green mango salad, which was unfortunately not very authentic. I can make a much better one, if I do say so myself. And in the afternoon we cooled down with an Icicool popsicle. Chloe had the lemonade rosemary one, which is very refreshing and I had the lime pie one. I was hot by then and not feeling too well so I was hoping it would simply be limey, but instead it was a creamy lime (no surprise seeing as it is called “lime pie”) but it was soo delicious I devoured it in seconds. Yum Yum Yum. Plus Michael (our jam neighbour) fed us food all day and we got to go home with a BBQ sauce that he just recently came up with. We are going to have pulled pork tomorrow night for dinner and use it then. I am very excited. We also got feta from Joseph, one of which is a garlic feta. And we got some apples and an apple pie for all of us. Plus (sorry it never ends) Chloe and I also got ourselves corn on the cob! We’d actually had out first of the season the night before. It was so delicious, covered in butter and salt. I am going to make myself some tonight as well actually.

Back to farm life though, not that food isn’t part of farm life, it very much is. But enough about what i’ve been eating and more about what i’ve been doing. Tuesday and Thursday are difficult to recall, but by process of elimination…ah yes! Now I remember. Both days were dominated by staking tomatoes and killing potato beetles.

We had 6 beds of tomatoes to stake, each 180ft long with a 6ft stake that we needed to drive 1ft into the ground placed every 5ft or so. Poor Johnny. I’m sure he was pretty sore after those two days. We (the girls) did pound a few into the ground, and I’m speaking literally, we all did about 3 out of the 250 stakes that we had to do. And Johnny did the rest. We got them into the ground but if it had’ve been left to us, it probably would’ve taken all week. And we killed more potato beetles because no matter how hard you try, inevitably, some eggs get left unsquished and more potato beetles pop up. The important thing is to keep their numbers low to prevent excessive damage.

So yes that was the week. And now for some of Sara’s ramblings.

Have any of you seen the movie “Waking Life”? If you have, isn’t it interesting? And if you haven’t, you should definitely check it out.

Granted, it’s an animated film that is done in a way that can be quite “trippy”. It’s a film that can be watched and would be interesting to watch in a different state of mind, however I was very happy to watch it while eating my pizza and drinking a glass of wine. Any other state and I think I might have horked my cookies. Or maybe the imagery would’ve been clearer, I’m not sure.

Anywho, I was very much expecting to like the film but at first was slightly unimpressed (due to my high expectations most likely). It begins with a whole bunch of different characters simply speaking about life, as you would to a friend. Some of them present similar viewpoints, some of them present different viewpoints. Many of the thoughts and ideas, I have had myself or have come across in the past. I had been expecting to be hit with something new/revolutionary but felt like I had heard it all before.

But then you begin to realize what is happening to the main character and the main idea emerges. I won’t tell you what it is because I don’t want to give it away. It’s a topic that I’ve come across before, but never cared much for I guess. But after having watched the film, I think I have begun to take it much more seriously and the repercussions are simply amazing. For if you believe in a sense what is being said, then a whole new world opens up to you. I’m very happy I watched it, and even if you were to not like the film, or not connect to it, I still believe it is a film worth watching.

So that was my ramble. I could ramble some more about a whole bunch of other things but will save them for future blogs so as not to bombard you.

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer. And if you have started a garden, I hope it is treating you to lots of delicious food.

Sayonara!(I had to google the spelling for this, the first attempt was Sianara)


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