A busy two weeks!

So sorry I didn’t get around to blogging last week. This is now blog #14 but it will be covering week #14 and #15 seeing as I didn’t get around to blogging last week. Which means that I will be going into week #16 on the farm, or in other words month 5! In a sense time has flown by, but over the years I have begun to learn how to enjoy each day and each moment. Therefore I do feel as if I have learned a lot over these past 4 months and I also feel as if I have done a lot.

Time has a tendency to fly by when we are doing the same routine over and over, living for the weekend, and planning our weekends ahead of time. When our surroundings don’t change, and our life doesn’t change, it’s easy to feel like 5 years ago was just yesterday. I remember talking about this with my best friend Tina a few years back. Whereas I lived at home during University, worked at the same job and had the same routine and therefore felt like 3 years had flown by, she on the other hand, had changed jobs a few times, had moved out, had several different roommates and had continued to travel and therefore felt like 3 years ago really was 3 years ago.

It’s hard to live in the present when we are always thinking about and planning our future. And I do believe it is important to have goals, and to work towards those goals. But I have been learning, and very recently been forced, to not think about the future. Not idealize about how we would like our future to be, or wonder what might happen. And when we are able to do this, we are able to let go of what we think we want, and are more likely to be in touch with our heart and our gut and go with the flow.

The one thing many people don’t cope well with is change. We all have preconceived ideas about what is going to happen, and when things don’t go our way, that is when we feel upset or let down. However, if we let go of our ideas of the future, you are more likely to be grateful for the moments you have and more accepting of your present situation.

Oh boy, I have just realized that my blog entry has turned into a journal entry and I apologize. I could easily not include this, or rewrite something but I had hoped for my blog to be more than just a recount of my actions, and I do like to share my thoughts and help inspire or provoke thoughts among others as well. And so it stays. I hope you enjoyed. I would actually like to continue such ramblings in the future. But perhaps I will make a rambling page, so that when you want to hear them you can, and when you just want to read about my farm experience you can do that without having to endure such ramblings.

So, about the farm. Bad news first I guess. We are now only 2 interns for the moment. Chloe, our fellow intern and good friend is no longer with us, although she will be coming to visit whenever she can. We all came to Luxy to figure out if “CSA/Market” gardening was something we seriously wanted to pursue in the future. I believe this experience has confirmed for all of us, that yes, we want to be sustainable and grow our own food, but we have also learnt that there are perhaps other ways to do this besides market gardening. “Market” gardening, implies that you will be selling your produce to make money. Jean Martin Fortier’s book about market gardening states right at the beginning, that we should remember that market gardening is a business, one in which the goal is to make money. Make money in an environmentally friendly way, but make money nonetheless. And as idealistic as I can be sometimes, I am aware that there are few places in the world in which money does not come into play. Practically no matter where you are in the world, you will be paying taxes of some sort or another, even if it is just property taxes. And therefore attempting to make money is not a bad thing.

All this to say that I believe the 3 of us have realized that, at least for the moment, we would like to start small. And simply grow food for ourselves and our family. The market gardening lifestyle was simply not the right fit for Chloe and I am happy to know that she followed her heart and was true to herself. We all miss her (you become like family when you work and live together for 3+ months) but we all wish her the very best.

And so Rebecca and I… and Johnny…and Daizy all worked a bit harder this week to make up for the lack of hands, but we got everything done and did it with smiles on to boot. We started our day at 6AM on Wednesday in order to ensure the CSA members got their food on time, but we were rewarded with a late start (9AM) on the Thursday. It felt so good to sleep in. Thank you Johnny!

We also started harvesting our beds of garlic last week, as they are now mature and if we leave them in the ground too much longer, they will start to shrivel/disintegrate/die. And so it is important to get them out as quickly as possible while they still have multiple layers on which will allow them to stay better longer once we have cured (dried) them for storage. So on Saturday, for 8 hours, we forked garlic out of the ground and cleaned it in order to hang it up to dry the following Tuesday.

So, as I said, we were busy this past week, but I was able to look forward to some vacation time with my family. My little cousin is visiting from Saskatchewan and will be joining my parents and I this weekend at our cottage up north, with my aunt, uncle and my other adorable cousin.

I am actually writing this blog as I sit in the living room of my cottage, with my mom asleep on the chair beside me (what a surprise), my dogs asleep on my parents bed (another surprise), and my father at a soccer game (because I have rarely known him to miss any sporting events). And so it is quiet, peacefully quiet. It is wonderful.

I am so lucky that my grandparents own a cottage which I can escape to when needed. Many of my friends who have come up here, are in awe of how relaxing it is. It’s a tiny little shack, which thanks to my uncle is still standing, with a new roof and bathroom, but it is its small size that makes it so quaint and peaceful. There is no cell phone reception for about 30 mins in any direction and so when you come up here, life slows down. No one wears a watch. No one wakes up to an alarm. You eat when you are hungry, you sleep when you are tired. I love it.

And so I end this blog on a happy note. As usual I believe. I’m not one to be a Debbie Downer. Life is too short to choose to stay mad or sad. It’s impossible to be happy all the time, but to choose to be happy is a decision we are all faced with everyday. And the more we practice being happy, the easier it becomes. Here I go on a ramble again. So I will end this blog, as I said I would.

I am going to go look at the moon. Perhaps I will meditate. And then I will read up some more on vegetable gardening. I am all excited about planning and designing a vegetable garden next summer in my neighbours lot. But I will save all those thoughts and ideas for another blog.

I wish you all a very Good night!

(I did write this blog on Sunday, but as I have no internet access at my cottage, it is getting posted today)


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