For those of you unsure of what permadirt stands for, it stands for “permanent dirt”. Permadirt is what I have on my feet, arms, hands and under all of my nails. I swear I shower regularly, and I do a good scrub down on the weekends when I go home, but it is impossible to get off. However, it is the mark of a farmer and so I wear it proudly.

It is presently Sunday morning and the sun is shining. Marie-Lou, the 19 year old grey barn cat, who is still in surprisingly good condition, slept with me last night and kept me company. It was wonderful to have company and I was relieved to wake up this morning and not find any kitty surprises lying on the floor.

I was actually shocked when I woke up to so much sun. When we wake up early, the sun is rising but it’s not very sunny at such an early hour, and yesterday, when I slept in until 830, it was grey and rainy so the amount of sun I woke up to this morning at 730 got me right out of bed.

I made my way to the house for my morning pee (TMI I know), and decided to look up a recipe which my mother had told me about. It’s simple really, no need to look up a recipe, it’s just pancakes made from bananas and eggs. I did look it up in case there was anything more to it, but nope, that’s pretty much it. All you need is one big banana and two eggs. It makes about 4 small pancakes. I did add few things to mine of course. I have read that just the banana and eggs on their own can end up tasting like, well, eggs with bananas. And so to mine I added a touch of baking powder, a couple of tsp of flaxseed meal, a dollop of organic peanut butter, some cinnamon and a touch of vanilla extract. Mash the bananas and throw everything into a blender and pulse just a bit. Pulse it too much and it will become too thin. Then just throw it into the pan.

And you know what? They were delicious!!! I have so much energy at the moment, I’m in a great mood, they were so good and light, and I must tell you all about it. So yes, the next time you are craving pancakes give them a try. You can add whatever you like to them, and they are great for one person. And if you are more than one person, remember: 1 banana and 2 eggs per person.

I was actually lying in bed last night trying to figure out what I was going to make/eat today. I have a tendency of doing that. Food just makes me so excited. Last night I actually made my yummy carrot ginger soup, with a veggie shepherds pie (sweet potatoes, thyme, carrots, onions, tomatoes, lentils), accompanied by some steamed broccoli, for Johnny and Daizy. But yes, I often go to bed thinking/dreaming about food preparations for the next day, especially if I go to bed slightly hungry. I wasn’t sure if I was going to make crepes today, eggs with hashbrowns, or have a try at the banana pancakes. I finally told myself I had to fall asleep and I would let my stomach decide in the morning.

This week and or next I also hope to make a potato soup, or a potato and leek soup, maybe even a beet soup. We have potatoes out of the ying yang at the moment and they do take a while to cook so I haven’t done much with them lately but I really should. Cucumbers and carrots are easy and great to eat raw in a salad or with some hummus. The same goes for zucchini, it’s quick to chop up and quick to throw in the frying pan. Beets can be roasted at the beginning of the week and eaten as a side or thrown into a salad. OR they can be made into delicious beet and chocolate cupcakes with pink beet icing! Daizy is an amazing baker and we had them last night for dessert. ( So yummy, I actually think I might run into the house and grab one after I finish writing this.

Yesterday I owed some work hours so I went out and picked beans for 2 and 1/2 hrs after the rain passed. I collected 25lbs of beans, which is quite a lot. Last week we sold out of beans and so we figured we should harvest some more. But with the rain yesterday, there weren’t too many people at the Saturday market. So hoping we sell a lot today at Brewer to make that work worthwhile. And if we don’t, well that means more beans for us, or for the food bank, so it pays off anyway.

And then I made dinner yesterday. But today, I have nothing to do. Or at least nothing too pressing. It is wonderful. After this I plan to do the dishes, start searching for apartments for when I get home, just to get an idea of what is out there. Call some friends and family members, clean a bit more, workout at some point (though I am sore at the moment from yesterdays work out), and continue designing my garden landscape for next summer.

I’ve gotten back into the habit of jogging and am so happy for it. I love to do a quick 5K whenever I can. Jogging at night is the best, especially during the summer. However, what with the only road I have to jog on being a 80KM road, and not having any luminescent gear, I have been jogging at 530/600PM after a day’s work. I was enjoying my jog so much the other day that I had this crazy idea about jogging across Canada to raise awareness about healthy eating/organic foods. Now this is highly unlikely, but hey, it’s always a possibility.

I actually shared this idea with my neighbour, Fran, the other day. She rollerbladed across Canada in her 50s to raise funds for cancer. And she promptly brought up the idea of biking with me across the states for her 72nd birthday. So apparently, I might be biking across the states in a couple years. Exciting yes, but holy moly will I have to train to keep up with Fran. She is a powerhouse. Even if I am in half the shape she’s in when I am that age, I will be happy.

Anywho, these are all just ideas. Just like the idea of doing a yoga/meditation retreat in South America, or volunteering in Bangladesh, Nepal or Africa. I’ve done quite a bit of travelling already, and am looking forward to coming home and settling into a routine for once. But I will always have the travellers bug and it’s great to know that anything is possible.

Ok, but back to the farm. We harvested almost all week. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and even a bit on Thursday. Thursday we harvested all of our shallots and onions. They are curing in the greenhouse at the moment. They will be for storage. We also harvested our potatoes on Thursday for market because we had a long list of things we wanted to bring to market and simply would not have had time to harvest and clean everything on the Friday.

And unfortunately, I will have to take the time to honor another soul that has left us. Farley Mowat, may you rest in peace. For those of you who may have forgotten who he is, he was our beloved rooster. He and the chickens have been roaming free for weeks now. They have been so happy to be let out of their enclosed area and explore the farm. Over time, they have gotten braver and have travelled farther and farther away from the coop (not too far though, I’m talking about maybe 40 yards or so). But it’s no surprise to wake up in the morning and find them scrounging around our trailers. Molly (the dog) gave them a scare once or twice but since then has become their friend and protector.

The other day at lunch they were all making a racket (which they often do, chickens can be quite annoying, definitely not my favorite farm animal) so it wasn’t until I heard Molly barking as well that I knew something was up. Unfortunately, it was too late. It seems a fox got to Farley. Molly chased it off but the damage and already been done. Farley may have shown up on this farm with lice and mites, unaware that he was a rooster. But he left us as a handsome black and green feathered rooster, the boss and protector of his flock. And this is how we will remember him.

I hadn’t planned on ending this blog with that piece of bad news, but I did want to pay my respects. And alas, we do live on a farm, and such things can happen.

So here’s to Farley, the greatest and most peculiar rooster I’ve known!


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