Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

Sorry for another biweekly blog. I had meant to get back to writing weekly blogs, but have been busy landing a new job and apartment for when I get back. So I am very excited for my return but also enjoying the last few weeks (literally, I only have 3 wks left) on the farm, although the weather has unfortunately taken a turn for the worse.

I am actually writing this on the last day of summer, although as Rebecca just pointed out, it feels more like the first day of fall. Last Friday when we woke up to harvest at 7AM it was only 0.9 degrees outside! My toes were frozen for the first 3 hours. So this weekend I brought back some of my father’s wool socks with me.

The season is slowly coming to an end. We have harvested all of the summer squash, winter squash, onions and shallots from the ground. We ran out of carrots for awhile (which is nice, because they take up time on harvest days), but have another 6 beds growing for storage. The few things left in the ground right now and growing in the cooler weather are: carrots, beets, radishes, kohlrabi and cabbages. We’ve planted kale and spinach in the greenhouse (as they did last year) so that it can grow and then lay dormant over winter, providing an early batch in the spring.

Our garlic has been dry and good for storage for awhile now. Our supply of music (a garlic variety) is quickly dwindling, and I believe the rest of our garlic we will keep for replanting. You should have seen me the other day actually. The garlic is very “dusty”, as all of the dirt has now dried and it seems to like to stick to me face. We cleaned garlic for most of the day at one point and I looked like a miner all day long. Only me however, not Rebecca. I provided everyone with a good laugh and had to wash my face at every break. I seem to be a magnet for garlic dust. Wonderful! It certainly doesn’t help my allergies.

I began this blog at lunch, but am finishing it off before bed. I am lying down, trying not to die. You see, I have this horrible tendency to overeat. And we had cheese fondue for dinner. My first cheese fondue ever. And it was sooo good! And of course, everyone got full, but there was still cheese left in the pot. And well, I couldn’t just leave the cheese in the pot! I told everyone to take it away from me, but alas, they left it there to taunt me. And the cheese pot won. And now I am paying the price. Thank God I am doing physical work outside all summer, or else I would have come home an extra 300 lbs. If we could eat without gaining weight, I would eat all day, literally. What a joy! Maybe that’s what heaven will be like for me… I am drooling already. Did I mention I had ice cream after the cheese fondue…

At least I have Marie-Lou the cat sleeping at my feet. She slept with me last night as well, and I woke up at 4 in the morning to find her right beside my head. What a wonderful companion. I am tempted to bring her home with me.

So that is the recap for now. I can’t think straight, too much cheese. Tomorrow we will be harvesting our sweet potatoes! Here’s hoping they are big!


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