The first week of October: Warm, Yummy and Colorful!

I am entering my last week on the farm! Monday will be the last time I was bins. Wednesday will be the last CSA pick up. Friday will be the last time I harvest for market. And Friday will be the last time my parents have to come pick me up from the farm. We will definitely be making an LCBO pit stop, along with a stop at the St-Albert Cheese Factory (they have jalapeno cheddar), a stop at the local Casselman brewery (for a jug of stout) and a stop at the Thai/Cambodian restaurant for a quick Tom Yum Soup to hold us over until we get home to my new apartment. (If you’d like me to pick you up something from any of these locations send me a msg via txt or fcb)

I could go off and ramble on about my new apartment, the move, my new appliances (that I just bought this morning) and my plans for decorating it but this is a blog for the farm. So let’s stick to that, especially seeing as it will be one of the last.

Last week was beautiful. Every morning was pleasantly warm in comparison to what I was expecting. The days were sunny and fresh. It was a pleasure to be outside each and every day.

We finished harvesting the first batch of carrots that were planted. There are still 6 beds, which will be for storage, Johnny and Rebecca will be harvesting them a bit later on. We’ve also taken out the last of the Kohlrabi. Basically, there’s not much left in the ground, we are slowly but surely harvesting what is left. We will be harvesting our brussel sprouts on Monday, finally! They were one of the first things we planted. I do love brussel sprouts but I think I might leave the growing of them to someone else and use the room in my garden for something else.

Speaking of brussel sprouts, its Thanksgiving next weekend! I get excited just thinking about the menu: butternut squash soup, turkey lurkey, Nicholson/Yale stuffing, homemade gravy and cranberry sauce, bread rolls (hoping to make some homemade ones), baked and buttered acorn squash, caramelized brussel sprouts and carrots, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole and the list could go on and on and on. But we must not forget pumpkin pie! My mom makes a pretty awesome pumpkin pie but think I might try my hand on making a pumpkin cheesecake version. The photo of it looks amazing.

And speaking of cooking, it was Daizys birthday last week and so we made her a veggie lasagna without noodles. The first layer was zucchini topped with spinach, then cottage cheese, sage, mozzarella and sauce. The second layer was butternut squash topped with kale, more cheese and sauce. And we finished off the top layer with more zucchini. I even made the sauce from scratch with the cherry tomatoes that I had pureed. I simply cooked them with some garlic and onions and a bunch of oregano and thyme. It turned out pretty good, a bit watery, but flavorful nonetheless.

The lasagna was served with a walnut, goat cheese and pear salad with a honey lemon dressing. I also whipped up, for the first time ever, a homemade chocolate/coffee cake with chocolate cream cheese icing. The icing was to die for and the cake was perfectly moist, if I do say so myself. As I cook more and more, I am definitely getting better. However there are still many a time when I try something new, and although it tastes good, I feel as if it could have been better, as if there is a touch of something missing. But this cake I tell you, I was pretty impressed with myself.

This week I hope to buy a batch of garlic from a farm east of Montreal. I will be buying about 40 heads of garlic, each with about 5 bulbs, so that I have about 200 heads of garlic next summer. If you are interested in planting garlic as well, or even if you would just like to buy some garlic for storage over the winter contact me. I will wait to see who would like some, but would like to place the order as soon as possible. About 20 heads of garlic is 20$. So I’ll be buying 40$ worth and getting 200 heads out of it next summer. Garlic is planted in the fall (late Oct, early Nov) and is harvested the following July. This year seems like it’s going to be a cold one so that is why I would love to buy them soon. Planting late October, instead of waiting until November seems like a good idea.

And I think i’ll leave it at that. Its late afternoon on a cool but sunny Sunday. I’m going to try out the sweet potato casserole tonight but am going to work up my appetite with a little zumba workout. My zumba workout is basically just me with earphones on, in the field, dancing like a madman, and throwing in some “workout” moves. Its going to be fun. I was even thinking that when I get back to Montreal I could start a jogging/zumba/workout group. I’m pretty peppy, I could lead a class, ya?

Anywho, I hope you all had a relaxing weekend. I also hope you have a good week. And I can’t wait to come home and see everyone and have you over to my new apartment where I will feed you delicious meals made from organic food from the grocer I will be working at, and we will sip on some organic wine and beer together.



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