Garlic Planting EDIT


So quick update on garlic planting. I don’t know what I was thinking, thinking it would be a good idea to till the ground with a rototiller before winter.

I believe my thought process was the following:

1) don’t want to till (due to knowledge I have acquired from quite a few books)

2) but what if ground is too compact (doubts, doubts, doubts)

3) need to loosen it up/aerate (other peoples opinions)

4) want to use broadfork but too expensive (my Scottish side coming out)

5) will use rototiller then.

However, after speaking to a coworker and fellow aspiring gardener, I realized that tilling the soil and leaving it unprotected over the winter is not a good idea. It would simply not be good for the soil. Also, my coworker pointed out that the soil I am working with is most likely not very compact. It used to be trees and shrubs and is barely walked on and so I need not worry so much about aerating.

All of this is very true, and so I have returned to where I originally began. Although I have gone in a spiral and not a circle, for now I have more knowledge.

I do not need to rent a large rototiller, and I do not need a 200$ broadfork.

This weekend I will simply remove the sod from where I intend to plant the garlic (and let the sod turn to compost). I will then double dig (simply dig about 12 inches deep) with a spade in order to loosen the soil, and then plant my garlic.

And then I will have the winter to decide what I will do in the spring.

In the meantime I will also cover the rest of my intended garden with whatever I have available to protect it. Be it a tarp, a leafy mulch or a straw mulch. I may even leave part of it bare (simply leave the grass uncovered) if I don’t have enough mulch or tarp. It’ll be an experiment! Covering the ground can help prevent the growth of grass and weeds in the spring, but it will also allow me to plant earlier for it will be warmer and dryer under cover.

So that’s my recap/update. I just spent a good half hour breaking apart the 60ish garlic heads I have into about 240 decent sized bulbs. They were big strong heads and not the easiest things to break apart. I actually think it may have counted as an arm work out.

And I just realized that we sell Le Petit Mas (the farm I got my garlic from) garlic products at my store. Ecollegey (the store i’m working at) is awesome by the way! You can check it out at

We have everything you need. It’s all organic and local as often as possible. And we make delicious in-house muffins, wraps, salads, soups and hummus!

Working here just makes sense. I love food, and now I am surrounded by it. Its awesome! (I’d be worried about getting fat if it all wasnt so healthy! okay, im still a little worried about getting fat cuz our muffins are awesome but ill just run a bit longer from now on)

Cant wait to tell you how garlic planting goes! Till then!


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