Dill 101

Herb # 3: Dill!


I was never a huge fan of dill in the past. I don’t know if we ever had it in the house at home, and I haven’t used it in my own cooking very often.

However, it smelt so good this summer on the farm. We also normally carry it at my store, therefore, it has begun to grow on me. It smells so fresh. (Plus, dill attracts the good guy insects, so it is good to grow in the garden, even if you don’t plan on eating it.)

Dill should be planted about 3 wks before the average date of last frost (May 3 for Montreal). If it’s not planted early enough, it may only develop the following year. However, if you let it establish itself, it will grow back every year.

You should plant dill 1/4″ deep. You can plant as many as you like along a row, but you will want to thin them out to 12″ apart. And you want to give 24″ between your rows.

Remember, you can lay out as many beds or rows of dill as you would like. You could just have one row alongside a row of another vegetable. Or you could simply have a small patch of dill at the end of a bed. But you want to give it enough room to grow. Dill especially has a long taproot. So if you do attempt to transplant it (which I wouldn’t recommend), you would have to do so while it is still a seedling.

Dill is another crop that you want to plant multiple times so that you can have a continuous supply as it does not last long once fully grown.

Dill will grow to be about 2-4 feet tall. Once it hits two feet feel free to snip away at the leaves with scissors. You can use them fresh, or dry them out. You can also use and dry out the seeds.

dill seeds

(Do not wash dill, or you will lose the oils that give it its flavor.)

Et voila! You’ll have fresh dill for dips, or fish dishes. Or whatever other recipes you come across. You can even add it to salads.

I’m excited! Hope you are too.

Happy Planting!


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