Mint 101

Here we go again!

Up to bat: Mint!


We like mint because mint is hardy (tough) and it’s a perennial.

It can be extremely invasive however, so it is best to plant it in a pot! Or if planting in the garden, plant it in a container (say a two pound coffee can with both ends removed). When planted in the garden as such, you should space the cans 2-3 inches along a row, and space the rows 18-24 inches apart.

I should mention at this point that it is best to plant mint from root divisions. Apparently, growing mint from seed will not grow “true” (whatever that means, I plan to look into it).

Et voila! You have mint!

And you can harvest it whenever you like really. The more you pick, the better they grow. Although you do not want to strip the whole plant at once. Picking some of the leaves off the top will encourage it to shoot out again. And if you’d like to harvest the whole plant, cut it to 1-2 inches above the soil and it should regrow if it has enough time.

Fresh mint is delightful in cocktails (hello! mojitos), salads and dips. I personally love it.

Plant mint near brassicas (brocolli etc) peas, and/or tomatoes. But keep it away from your other spices because they could become minty!

Happy Planting fellow gardeners!




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