Leeks 101


Yesterday I blogged about onions. For leeks it’s pretty much the same story.

Leeks are a very close relative of the onion, and I would say could be used almost interchangeably, however there is a subtle difference in taste.

I absolutely love leek and potato soup, and/or leek and mushroom soup. Frittata with leeks! Quiche with leeks! Lots of yummy things can be made with leeks.

Like the onion, leeks are normally started indoors about 2 months before planting (but you can plant them directly outdoors if you so wish).

What’s important to do with leeks is to cover up their base as they grow, so that you have a big and thick white stem (I just reread that, I was going to reword it but it’s the best way to describe it, so I’m leaving it as it is). You can do this one of two ways. Either plant them in a 6 inch trench, and fill in the trench as they grow. Or simply pile dirt up around them as they grow.

The rows should be 2 feet apart, and the leeks should be spaced 6 inches apart within the rows.

You can harvest leeks once their stems are about an inch in diameter. (Of course, you can always harvest earlier, but this is when they have reached maturity).

And in our (colder) climate, we should harvest them before the first frost.

Et voila! You have leeks.

Leeks don’t store like onions do. But you can definitely turn them into soups and freeze those!

Happy Planting!




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