Facing Your Fears Today

if not now then when

Any issues I have, I can deal with now.

No matter where I am, who I am with, what I am doing,

It is not other things, people or places keeping me from achieving them

It is me.

I am the only one limiting myself.

If I can’t deal with issues now,

they will continue to be there always.

Even if I change environments,

they will still be there.

We often tell ourselves

I just need to change the people I hang around with

I need to be alone

Once this or that happens (something in the future normally), then I can change

We believe that changing our environment will allow us to change

But it’s not about changing your environment

(Granted it can help, it can make the transition easier, but it is not necessary)

It’s about changing within

It’s a combination of

Changing your mind


Changing your habits, your actions

Some examples:

-Issues I have are with myself

No matter who I am with,

They will continue to be an issue,

It does not disappear,

So changing relationships will not fix things

-I need to be alone to deal with my issues

But they will come back when you are not alone

If you only know how to deal with them alone

You will at some point still have to learn how to deal with them with people around you

(Bring the people back, bring the issues back)

Can learn to be alone, without being alone

-Once I get this, then I can face my issues

(This example triggers the following sayings:)

-There is no moment like the present.

-There is no better time than now.

-Tomorrow may not come.

-Love like you will lose your loves.

-Enjoy the moment like it is your last.

But that last saying does not translate to: YOLO

In the sense:

Let’s drink and do drugs and forget about everything

Because these are simply distractions

(It is important to make sure they are not used to fill a void)

The best moments in life are:

-When you have caught yourself thinking: I am so happy right now

-The moments where you are smiling to yourself,

-The moments where you are taking in everything around you,

And you are at peace, and content, and grateful to be alive

Rare is it that these moments are when you are completely intoxicated

(Granted, some good memories can occur during slight intoxication,

But it is not necessary,

and abuse of it doesn’t leave anyone feeling good)

But more often it is when you are alone and loving yourself

Or surrounded by people you love with laughter and music in the air

Or a moment of silence, lying side by side, with a lover or even a stranger

When there is sun on your face

When there is rain on your skin

These are the moments that invigorate you

These are the moments that you remember.

(We remember our best and worst moments)

Both of which make us stronger


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