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The Garlic Story

I told you I would recount my garlic planting adventures. And that is exactly what I am about to do. I’ve been meaning to for awhile, but as usual, keep forgetting.

So I came home last weekend on the Saturday to begin the process. I had decided against renting the rototiller, because I didn’t want to leave the whole garden area barren over winter and was not about to spend 40-80$ for a wee little 3ft by 25ft area of land.

I had a general idea of how to remove sod beforehand but I looked it up online quick-quick to give myself a better idea. Looking back on it now, I probably should have spent a bit more time looking it up or doing it with someone who has experience because I didn’t do the greatest job (my pieces were really tiny) but I did get the job done. And with the pieces being tiny, it was actually quite easy. I feel I also took up a bit too much earth with the sod, but again, it in a sense made the job easier. I was simply working with the soil, instead of against it.

My neighbours grandkids also came out to help and it was wonderful to have them by my side digging away with their little shovels. They probably created a bit more work for me, but it was worth it to see them so enthused and excited to “help Sara make a garden”. It made me that much more dedicated to creating school gardens in the future, where kids can learn about the importance of healthy food and give them the power to create it.

Unfortunately it was rainy last weekend and I was only able to double dig half of the plot before it started to rain. Actually my father was double digging, simply using a spade to dig up about a foot of earth and turn it over to help loosen it up and aerate it. I followed afterwards with the rake to smooth everything out. The rain really wasn’t a bother after having worked outside in similar conditions all summer. In fact, it felt really nice to be outside in the rain, working in dirt alongside my dad. If it had of been a job such as harvesting that isn’t much affected by rain, I would have stayed outside. Except we were trying to loosen the earth, not compact it, and so working in the rain was like taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back. So we called it quits.

I got outside the next day and finished double digging the plot, but again, just as I finished, it started raining, and I decided the ground was too wet to plant the garlic. So I covered it with a tarp to prevent it from getting any wetter and let it dry out until the Monday. Monday was actually very nice and so I came back out after work and planted my garlic, finally! The OCD in me actually separated the garlic bulbs according to size, and so I planted the largest ones first, then medium sized and then the smallest ones. I also made sure to have very straight rows, so that it is easy to hoe in the spring, and used a ruler to make sure that I was planting my garlic bulbs at the same depth. Although after about 10 you get the hang of it and it really wasn’t necessary. But I think the extra time and love I put into it will pay off in the end. Plus, it’s not like I was stressed by time, or had any deadlines to meet.

In the end I planted about 200+ bulbs and here’s hoping they all grow!

As for my next post, me thinks it’s time for a food post. Spent the day cooking up yummy soups and cookies and have so many yummy recipes that I would love to share.

So stay tuned!